Audience Targeting


Use 180byTwo Account-Based Marketing and 3X Verified Decision Maker™ audiences to accurately reach, or personalize content for key accounts.


Use 180byTwo Professional personas, or proprietary 3X verified B2B targeting data, available via the distribution partner of your choice, to reach professionals at work, or at home.


Use 180byTwo Consumer 3X Verified™ Personas and Curated segments to address targeted marketing needs across every key consumer dimension, and vertical to power customer acquisition, engagement, and return on ad spend.


The team of Data Guru’s will create custom audiences based upon your specific targeting and campaign goals.

Go Deep with Account Based Marketing (ABM)

Looking to influence key accounts? Our ABM audience solutions leverage a proprietary blend of extremely accurate data sources across mobile location, proximity, IP intelligence, behavioral, and industry leading multi-sourced deterministic offline B2B datasets making it possible to accurately measure and target accounts from Very Small Business (VSB) through Public/Large Enterprise (PLE). Capturing buying signals, and intent from identified accounts is fundamental during active consideration periods but reaching the key decision maker on the device they’re engaged with is crucial. Leveraging our 3X Verified Decision Maker audiences along with our ABM audiences produces a powerful solution making it possible to deliver highly personalized messages across activation channels enabling you to optimize revenue opportunities across key customer and prospect accounts when it matters most.

Unparalleled B2B Audience Solutions

Unable to reach the right Decision Maker? Our exclusive scoring process leverages multi-sourced online and offline deterministic, and behavioral data across thousands of leading strategic data partners delivering access to 350+ million B2B users. Professionals can be targeted leveraging 600+ curated B2B segments that are available across every major exchange, or you can tap into our extensive store of 15,000+ audience attributes to create bespoke segments. We can further layer, blend and score across B2B, ABM, and B2C attributes to create powerful audiences that meet your precise targeting or measurement needs.

Understanding What Makes Your Customer Tick

Want to get better results? Our B2C audiences will help you take your marketing to a whole new level by providing you with a 360-degreee view of your customers and prospects. Our B2C solutions serve marketers across all channels, helping them reach in-market, past, and lapsed purchasers, or identify hard-to-find users with a specific interest or intent. Whether you’re looking to promote a travel destination, attract specific finance personas, find prospects that look like your customer, or reach the right sports fan we’ve got you covered.

Go Beyond Off the Shelf Audiences

Audience granularity key to your campaign results? Gain a competitive advantage by having our Data Gurus’ design unique audiences the meet the needs of your campaign. Our extensive collection of predictive audience behaviors such as location, keywords, social signals, interests, content consumption, transaction and many others make it possible to pinpoint the right audiences, while eliminating waste. Custom audiences allow marketers to optimize their marketing spend on the right customers, all while cutting waste and driving efficiency. Reach out to your to help you take your marketing initiatives to a whole new level.